Today is 17th of November 2018 and I am 19 years old now. Even though it’s my birthday today somehow it doesn’t excite me at allπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. When I was kid, my birthday used to be celebrated but now it doesn’t happen. There is no one to talk to and share my true feelings with. Of course you can’t share you feelings with someone who has no value or respect for it. It’s feels I am very alone. Well, I have never been a person who likes to be in group and have a lot of long term good friends but still it hurts not to have someone around who make you happy when you are depressed or not feeling well😞😞😞. There are some specific people with whom I like to spend some time. Some of them are my brothers and some of my childhood friends but I am not very Frank to them. So I can’t share everything that I feel. Also, I can’t expect anyone to sit with me and listen to all of the nonsense stuffs that I have to say. So there’s that.

I love to do certain things to keep myself happy.

Playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle :- I have been playing this game for pretty much 8 or 9 months and I absolutely love it. It’s a gatcha game so sometimes when I get shafted on my multi-summons then I stop playing it for a while but in few days I do start playing it again.

Composing poems :- Actually I am not much of a writer πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. If you read my poems then y’all notice that some of my poems are good and rest of them are not. The ones which are good are composed from my random thoughts on little things that I see or try to imagine. And the poem which seem not very good are the one which I decided to write and I had to look for some words to match the rhyming scheme. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Watching animes :- I love certain animes for example Dragon Ball, Eon Kid and Bakugan etc. So I watch them. It’s a lot of fun to do so.

These are the things which help me get over my depressions. There are some other things I do but if I mentioned them here and somebody from my family and some teachers read it then they will start thinking that I’m true evil.πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ‘Ί

I will not write anything about my study here in this post because there is nothing to write about it in my mind.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you keep supporting this website.


The Earth (Summary)

In a village there lived an old man named Johnson, his wife and his son named Benjy. Johnson had some land, a two wheeled cart, a mare and some tools for farming. Benjy was a simple boy and very different from other boys. One day Johnson took him to a hospital for treatment. The doctor advised him to give Benjy some hens. Johnson gave Benjy 12 hens and he also made a wire coop to keep hens. Benjy learnt everything about hens and took care of them. The hens started laying eggs. He sold eggs door by door and gave the earnings to his mother. His mother told him that the money that he is earning will be deposited in the bank and will be rightfully his when he turns 21 years old. Slowly the number of hens increased and number of eggs increased as well. Now, Benjy started to use wheel-truck to take eggs to market and the amount earned increased and it was directly deposited to the bank.

One time with a sequal of unfortunate things happening, the crops of Johnson were destroyed. The eggs given by hens kept increasing further and so Benjy started to use mare and cart to tansport the eggs.

Now, Benjy finally turned 21 years old. His mother gave him the passbook of his bank account in which his total earning was deposited. He saw the amount which was 230 pounds, closed the passbook and kept it in his pocket andleft. This made his parents hurt. One day they asked to Benjy what he was going to do with the money and Benjy replied that he was going to buy 4 acres of land from Mr. Whitestone. The parents became happy after hearing that Benjy is going to use money for constructive purpose. The land that Johnson had was not his property, it benlonged to a person named Sanders and he hand rented it Johnson. Sanders told Johnson that the land was on sale because people want building to live and if he wanted the land for himself then he will have to pay for it. Johnson wanted to buy land but he had no money. Later Sanders told Johnson that the land was bought by Benjy. Johnson became very happy to hear that the land or ‘the earth’ was finally his. Meanwhile, Benjy kept few servants to take care of hens because his business of hens grew larger. One day he struck a maid whose name was Florence and she was so ugly but Benjy was in love in her at the very first sight. He told his parents the was going to marry that girl. Parents disliked florence but Benjy married her.

Now things started changing. Benjy started taking control of the house. He took the room of his parents and sent them to live in the back room. After few days, he told his parents to go and eat in the kitchen and after few more days he shouts at his parents and tells then to get out of the house. He sits in his van and drives them far away for the house and leaves them on the road.

In the beginning Johnson had the earth and now he had nothing.

I Love You, You Love Me

I love you,

You love me.

Me saying this,

This that we,

We are made,

Made for each other.

Other people might say,

Say that I’m a lier.

Lier I am not,

Not at all.

All those people,

People who say,

Say such things, don’t want us,

Us to get along, but

But we will live together because,

Because, I love you,

You love me.

Β© 2018

Prabhat Kumar

Rapidbuzz Returns

The Frog And The Nightingale ( Summary)

The poem ” The Frog and the Nightingale ” has been written by Vikram Seth. He is an Indian poet who likes to write about animals. He generally writes poems to aware the humans to have confidence in their own quality or art and not to lose their confidence in influence of cunning people.

In this poem, there are two main characters. The first one is the Frog 🐸 and the second one is Nightingale.

Frog is fond of singing and wants to be a singer. So, he used to sing songs daily. But his voice was annoying therefore whenever he started to sing, all of the people(animals) around him used to get disturbed.

One day when the frog was practicing to sing, a nightingale came and started to sing. To listen her melodious song, a lot of people (animals) gathered over there. When the nightingale finished her singing and the audience left, the frog said to nightingale that her song was good but it was lacking something but he could help her to rectify her mistakes or lackings. The nightingale was very happy that their was someone who made critic about her song and now wants to help her improve. She agreed to learn singing from frog. The frog started to teach her art of singing but his real aim was to get rid of her. He made her sing continuously even in the rain and while practicing the song, one of the vien of nightingale burst and she died.

In this poem, poet Vikram Seth has made a good collection of figure of speech. Example :- Irony and alliteration, etc.


On 18th October 2017 I began this website or blog. It’s been more than an year. I was not expecting that the growth of this website will be this much. Well, this website has got 5300+ views and 150+ likes so far. I know that it seems very less but for me it means a lot because when I started this website and tried to tell my friends and family to visit my website and check out it’s contents, they all refused. I was not happy at that moment but kept blogging. And finally this website started growing quickly.

For making my website reach this milestone, I thank all of the viewers of Rapidbuzz Returns. And I hope they all keep supporting me.

Β© 2018

Prabhat Kumar

Rapidbuzz Returns

Missing My School And My Friends

Had to wake up,
Early in the morning.
Quickly used to clean up,
Getting ready for the journey.

Pack up the bag,
Mummy used to say.
Without any lag,
To the school, me on my way.

Before the prayer,
We used to talk.
In the balcony,
We used to walk.

Teachers were good,
But we were full of naught.
By making noise, hence changing their mood,
We usually made their face red hot.

In the time of lunch,
We used to share.
Even if it was munch,
Because we cared.

Leaving the school,
Only pain I got.
All of my friends,
I miss them a lot.

Writer :- Prabhat Kumar

Β© 2018

Prabhat Kumar

Rapidbuzz Returns

A Hot Theif In My House

An unwanted sound I heard
Which broke my slumber
My eyes were blurred
I started to wander

What made the sound
I began to wonder
A girl I found
She was making my goods plunder

But she was looking killer
And super duper hot
The scene was such a thriller
A story about it, I thought to plot

But instead I changed my mind
I unleashed it outside
And caught her from behind
To get away from me, she tried

It was 9 inches longish
And 4.5 inches widish
To utter a word, she hadn’t dared
O man ! She was so scared

I called police
The girl was arrested
She was foolish
Finally behind the bars she rested

Even though she wasn’t my wife
I thought I should have put it inside
After all its just a knife
Did you like the poem besides ?

Writer :- Prabhat Kumar

Β© 2018

Prabhat Kumar

Rapidbuzz Returns


I just don’t know how I express sorrows
This result, the urbanization has shown
The poor sparrows
They are almost gone

Early in the morning
They used to start chirping
We used to hear them being silent
They sounded very pleasant

Those days are gone
Only memories are left
Sparrows we see none
Maybe they all ‘for good’ slept

So many such beasts are endangered
But who will save them from this danger?

Writer :- Prabhat Kumar

Β© 2018

Prabhat Kumar

Rapidbuzz Returns