Chinese Travel

When I went to China to see,
The place for discovery of tea.
The great amazing wall of China,
And the green vegetables like pea.

It was a great pleasure for me,
To visit the place of great mystery.
The scene was very amazing,
Which I am describing to thee.

The country of a great beauty,
With the colonies looking too pretty.
Charming looking sites and buildings,
Which forced me to be crazy.

Now I became excited to be,
A visitor of Chinese city.
The people there became my guide,
But they were working for free.

Then disturbed my comfort and ease,
When I was bit by some bees.
Holding my ankle I jumped,
And hurted a person eating cookies.

Now take a look at what happens,
The craze and drama begins.
The person eating the cookies,
Called the local police.

The police started to investigate,
What made the matter intricate.
I was being frightened,
For the results, I could not wait.

In my favor I started to say,
“It’s not my fault leave me the day”.
The bees bit me on my ankle,
So I jumped on the way.

The person in my against,
Begun showing his strength.
He told the policeman,
That I disturbed his patience.

He said that I would have to pay,
Because his cookies fell on the way.
Because of this incident,
I disturbed 15 days of May.

It disturbed half of the day,
And brought the court on the way.
But it could not solve the problem,
Neither of us could say.

We went to the king Tsang Jo,
He asked the matter complex so.
And the result he gave,
Was for me to dance and go.

I danced and returned my village,
Took oath not to travel to country like cage.
I thought my India is the best,
Where I spent half my age.

Writer :- Thunderous Anurag 😀



Once he knows about him,
He cannot stay dim.
But he does not know his soul,
As he knows about his role.

He only knows to complete his task,
As soon as he can get the marks.
But once he gets patience,
The result will come beyond he thinks.

Everyone will follow him,
He will get living heaven.
With all comforts and ease,
He will live in absence of these.

He will be followed as god,
For everyone like the lord.
After his death his memory remains,
This is the power of patience.

Writer :- Thunderous Anurag 😀😀

Gulliver’s Travels – Part 4

While Gulliver is the captain of a merchant ship bound for barbados and the Leeward islands, several of his crew members get sick and die on the way. Gulliver hires several replacement sailors in Barbados These replacements turn out to be pirates who convince the other crevw to mutiny. As a result, Gulliver is deposited on a ‘strand’ (an sland) to fend for himself. Almost immediately, he is discovered by a herd of ugly, detestable human like creatures who are called Yahoos. They attack him by climbing trees and defecating on him. He is saved from this disgrace by the appearance of a horse, identified by the name members Houyhnhnm. The grey horse takes Gulliver to his home where he introduced to his wife, a colt and a foal (child), and a sorrel nag (the servant). Gulliver also finds that the Yahoos are kept in pens away from the house. It becomes immediately clear that, except for Gulliver’s clothing e and the Yahoos are the same animals. From this point onwards Gulliver and his master (i.e., the grey horse) begin a series of discussions about the evolution of Yahoos, about topics, concepts and behaviours related to the Yahoo society, which Gulliver represents, and about the society of se the Houyhnhnms Inspite of his favoured treatment in the grey horse’s home, the Assembly of the kingdom determines that Gulliver is a Yahoo and must either live with the uncivilized Yahoos or return to his home. With great sadness, Gulliver takes leave. He builds a canoe and sails to a nearby island where he is finally found hiding by a crew from a Portugese ship. The ship captain returns Gulliver to Lisbon where he lives in the captain’s home Gulliver is extremely repelled by the sight and smell of these ‘civilised Yahoos’ that he cannot stand to be around them. Gulliver agrees to return to England. Upon his arrival, he is repelled by his family, so he buys two horses and spends most of his days caring for and conversing with the horses in the stable to be far away from his Yahoo family.

Gulliver’s Travels – Part 3

Gulliver is on a ship bound for Levant. After arriving, Gulliver is assigned captain of a ship to visit nearby islands and establish trade. On this trip, pirates attack the ship and place Gulliver in a small boat to fend for himself. While drifting at sea, he discovers a Flying Island. While on the Flying Island, called Laputa, Gulliver meets several inhabitants including the king. All are busy doing things associated with mathematics and music. In addition, astronomers use the laws of magnetism to move the island up, down, forward, backward and sideways, thus controlling the island’s movements in relation to the island below (Balnibarbi). While in this land, Gulliver visits Balnibarbi, the island of Glubbdrubdrib and Luggnagg. Gulliver finally arrives in Japan where he meets the Japanese emperor. From there, he goes to Amsterdam and ultimately to England.

Gulliver’s Travels – Part 2

As he travels as the ship’s surgeon, Gulliver and a small cr are sent to find water on an island. Instead of finding that, they encounte a land of giants. As the crew flees, Gulliver is left behind and captured Gulliver’s captor, a farmer, takes him to another farmer’s home wh Gulliver is treated kindly. The farmer assigns his daughte Glumdalelitch, to be Gulliver’s keeper and she cares for him with great compassion. The farmer takes Gulliver on tour across the countryside, showing him to onlookers. Finally, the farmer sells Gulliver to the Queen. At the court, Gulliver meets the king, and both of them spend many sessions discussing the customs and behaviour of people of Gulliver’s country. The king is shocked by the selfishness and pettiness that he hears. Gulliver, on the other hand, tries to defend England. One day, while Gulliver looks longingly at the sea from his portable room (the box), he is carried by an eagle and finally dropped into the sea. A passing ship spots Gulliver and rescues him, thereby, taking him to England.

Gulliver’s Travels – Part 1

When the ship on which Gulliver is travelling is destroyed in a storm, Gulliver ends up on the land of Lilliput, where he wakes up to find that he has been captured by Lilliputians, very small people, approximately six inches in height. Gulliver is treated with compassion and concern. In turn, Gulliver helps them solve some of their problems, especially, their conflict with their enemy, the Kingdom of Blefuseu, an island across. Gulliver falls from favour because he refuses to agree to the Emperor’s desire to enslave the Blefuscudians and because, he ‘makes, waves’ to put out a palace fire. Gulliver flees to Blefuscu, where he converts a large war ship for his own use and sets sail from Blefuscu and eventually, is rescued at the sea by an English merchant ship and returned to England.

A Marriage Proposal ( Summary)

A Marriage Proposal’ is a very delightful and humorous one-act play by the eminent Russian play-writer and story-writer, Anton. P. Chekhov. Here the writer has shown how Natalia, the daughter of Choobookov, is married to his friend Lomov by an accident. The play is packed with humour and intends to entertain the audience Choobookov and Lomov are bosom friends. Lomov loves Natalia, the daughter of his friend but he is not bold enough to put the proposal of marriage before her. Choobookov also favours their marriage but he does not know how to get them agree to the proposal. One day Lomov arrives at the house of Choobookov. He is as usual welcomed by his friend. Natalia also reaches there. Natalia and Lomov, however enter into a heated debate over the superiority of their dogs-Leap and Guess. Then their quarrel turns to the piece of land under the possession of Choobookov that Lomov claims to be his land. Their shouts and fights faint Choobookov and he feigns to be dying. He asks them to give up their quarrel and marry before he dies. They become worried about him and accept the marriage proposal. Thereafter Choobookov comes to his senses and blesses them.